Satisfied Customers

Living with arthritis

"I feel at least 80% better than I was. I'm in a lot less pain and can walk for much longer periods. My balance has improved and I've lost weight too"


Back in action

"I fractured my ankle playing football and H2O Physio helped me get back on the pitch quicker. The sessions were brilliant fun too"


After surgery

"With H2O Physio I was able to recover from knee surgery much faster. I was just sitting around for weeks and was desperate to get back to normal"


Weight loss success

"What a great way to lose weight. I've lost almost 5 stone in just 24 sessions, even with joint pain and two new knees"


Back pain relief

"I've suffered with back problems for years and found it too painful to exercise. Finally I've discovered a great way to keep fit and help my back at the same time"


Pregnancy nightmare

"SPD has meant that I've been in a lot of pain and have even struggled to walk. H2O Physio has given me a safe way to manage the problem until D-day"


Sciatica solved

"It's so good to get back to normal after the terrible pain caused by sciatica. I've suffered from disturbed sleep and walking problems as it's hard to find relief sometimes"


Accident recovery

"My foot was crushed in an accident at work and after several operations, I was left with walking difficulties and constant pain. H2O Physio has helped me to rehabilitate comfortably"


Neurological disorder

"Peripheral Myelitis badly affected my mobility but H2O Physio has given me the ideal way to manage this condition and improve my quality of life"


Ageing well

"I needed to find a way to keep fit and carry on living life to the full. My business is quite demanding so retirement isn't really on the cards and I enjoy plenty of hobbies too"