Head & neck pain

Treatment for tension headaches

Tension headaches are often felt as pain at the back of the head or a 'band like sensation' across the front of the head. These headaches may be associated with neck pain too. There are several, sometimes complex causes of headaches but common culprits include poor posture, stress and tension, stiffness in the neck, upper back and shoulders or jaw pain and dysfunction.

Physiotherapy can help to identify what the specific factors are in your case and then treat to relieve those tensions and restrictions. Exercises and advice will also be given to prevent further problems.

Treatment for neck pain and stiffness

There can be several causes of neck pain and stiffness, from a sudden 'cricked neck' or muscle spasm to more chronic problems such as posture, work station set up or arthritic pain. 'Clicking' or 'grinding' sensations in the neck can be due to restrictions, muscular tension or wear and tear.

Physiotherapy treatment can provide relief through soft tissue massage, mobilisations and stretches as well as advice and exercises to assist your improvement at home.