Pain of arthritis

Arthritis is often described as “wear and tear” or rheumatism. It mainly affects the neck, lower back, hips, knees and hands.  Symptoms include stiffness, joint swelling, loss of mobility and pain.

Pain of arthritis is caused by a low grade, chronic inflammatory process in the joint as the cartilage is worn down and the joint surfaces rub together. The muscles around the joint can also tighten up through altered walking patterns and can become painful as a result.  It isn’t unusual for patients to complain that the pain and stiffness go through ”phases” – increased activity or a new activity you aren’t used to, changes in weather and stress are common aggravating factors.

Physiotherapy can be very effective at relieving the symptoms, improving joint range of movement, mobility and treating restrictions or dysfunction in other areas of the body, which may be putting the affected joint under increased pressure. Exercises and even dietary advice can also be helpful to relive pain associated with arthritis and improve mobility – allowing you the freedom to continue with the things you enjoy in life.