Shoulder, hand & arm pain

We can provide effective treatment for pain in and around the shoulder and arm relating to trapped nerves (often described as “burning” or “tingling” in the arm or hand), sports injuries, muscle spasms, or repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Thorough examination helps us identify and treat the root cause of your problem, relieving your pain and improving your mobility.

Treatment for frozen shoulder

This occurs when the capsule around the joint sticks to itself and becomes inflamed. The shoulder literally feels “frozen”, has very limited movement and is often very painful. Physiotherapy can help to relieve the pain and improve mobility while the capsule heals. Frozen shoulders take a while to settle down but treatment can be very helpful to manage the symptoms during this time and will include exercise and advice for self-help at home to maximise the recovery rate. Getting the right advice early on is vital to starting the healing process.

Treatment for tennis/golfers elbow

Pain and/or swelling around the side of the elbow could be caused by an inflammation of the bone where the muscles of the forearm attach. It is often caused by some sort of repetitive action – sport, gardening or decorating are common things that set it off or it can be part of RSI. If your job is desk based, assessing the setup of your desk is vital.

Treatment wrist and hand pain

Wrist or hand pain and weakness can be due to several causes including wear and tear (arthritis), RSIs, carpel tunnel syndrome or sports injuries. Physiotherapy can help to find the exact cause and then treat appropriately with soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations and exercise and self-care advice to assist your recovery.