Trapped nerves

Trapped nerves commonly give pain that shoots or radiates down the arm or leg. Symptoms are often described as burning, tingling or a deep ache and can be very uncomfortable.

Nerves exit the spine through small gaps between the individual vertebrae before they travel down into the arms and legs to supply the muscles and the skin. Several structures can press on the nerve, anywhere along this route and cause pain or a tingling sensation. Structures that can compress the nerves include the discs, swelling associated with inflammation, wear and tear (arthritis/spondylosis) affecting the joints in the neck or back and severe muscle spasm .

At Optispine we carry out a thorough examination and assessment to help us identify exactly where the nerve is trapped. Techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint stretches and mobilisations can then be used to reduce pressure on the nerve and relieve your pain. Advice can be given about how to help alleviate your symptoms at home and any exercises which will assist the healing processes.